Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Michael Vick update

Oh, I almost forgot. Michael Vick is pleading guity, so you can ignore all those "allegedly"s in my earlier post about him. He did it. Well, maybe not the stuff about Al Qaeda and Iran and all that, but he's admitting to the whole dog thing. If the NFL doesn't have the guts to ban him for life from the league for this, then I for one will never watch another game, live or on TV, that he is part of.

Update to the M.V. update: On the train this morning, I happened to stand next to a guy from the NFL's legal dept. He was talking to his friend about Vick and said he thought Vick would never play again. Even ignoring possible league sanctions for the dogfighting, and even if a team would be willing to endure the PR nightmare that would accompany signing him, there's still the small fact that Vick was involved in gambling on the dog fights, and running an illegal gambling ring results in a ban from the league.

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