Sunday, August 12, 2007

Almost there (at least on one application)

I admit I completely underestimated how tough preparing the applications and essays would be. Oh, the naivete when I thought the GMAT would be the hard part! I am almost done with the HBS application, and have initial drafts of four of the five essays needed, with an outline for the fifth essay. Although now I'm rethinking the mistake I planned to write about to see if there's a better example out there I could use. I'm thinking the mistake essay could be my weakest because it wasn't really that big a mistake, and while I did learn from it, it didn't happen that long ago so it's gonna be hard to talk about demonstrating how I've done things differently now. Oh well, I'll give it more thought today and tomorrow and will plan to have a draft of the 5th essay by Wednesday. I'll still be happy with where I am, since there's 6 weeks to go until the R1 deadline. Plenty of time to rewrite. And you know there's no such thing as good writing, only good rewriting.

Oh yeah, and I need to line up recommenders this week too.

In unrelated news, I watched the Giants-Panthers pre-season game last night, and the Giants defense looked AWFUL! I know it's just a pre-season game but still, from what I saw it doesn't look like they've addressed their most glaring weakness from last year.

Ok, I'm off to my mom's house for a good home cooked meal.

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