Saturday, September 8, 2007


Accomplishments on flight to Ireland: Have dinner while watching movie, sleep (it was an overnight flight)
Accomplishments on flight home: Have lunch while watching movie, sleep off Guiness-induced hangover.

As you can see, not much progress on the essays. One of my HBS recommenders did submit their recommendation though, so at least I have some feeling of progress. I really need to get moving on Chicago's essays so I can start drafting Stanford's. That is my goal for the weekend. Well that and enjoying the first week of football season.

The Ireland trip was a blast. We went to Johnnie Fox's Pub for their "hooley" night. It was amazing - great food, a live band playing traditional Irish music, Irish step dancers, and Guinness that flowed like water. I'd highly recommend it if you ever find yourself in Dublin.


Bokaa said...

Hey Mike Thanks! I am already feeling better and charged up again! Two days before I felt as if the sky will fall on me...

This is one roller coaster of a journey!

Bokaa said...

As far as the reccs are concerned I guess both these schools focussed on the things which all of us know by now.

" Your recommender should know you well..We don't give weightage to ranks but on the insights they offer about you.....Your choice of recommenders tells a lot about you..."

Bokaa said...

I guess you are doing very well with your apps. Best of luck- you sure look like someone who will defnitely get in!

Mike said...

Thanks Bokaa for the info on the reccs, and for the words of encouragement.