Monday, September 3, 2007

One month to go...

As of yesterday it is now the final month before the HBS R1 deadline. Overall I think I'm in good shape for that application. My essays are drafted, and in the review process. I think one more heavy round of review and revision and they'll be just about ready. The application itself is done, although I'll give it another review (or two...or three) before pushing the button. My recommenders have all gotten their packets and been input into the HBS system (although all 3 are still outstanding). So I'm feeling pretty good about the HBS application. I still have my rollercoaster of "I'll get in...I'll never get in..." but am confident if nothing else my application will be strong and show who I am.

As for Chicago I'm still struggling through the first draft of essays. I have the career goals essay drafted and have made some minor improvements since the first draft (mostly adding more specifics about how Chicago matches what I want to do). I just finished the powerpoint and think it'll be good by "go-time". I am struggling with the shoes one. I had an idea I thought was good, but as I drafted the essay today it was a snoozer, and I don't think it's serviceable. So now I'm going back to the drawing board and trying to come up with a new outline. It's frustrating to start over, but I just don't think the idea I had was going to translate into a good essay.

No progress whatsoever on the Stanford essays.

Otherwise, the holiday weekend was great. Saw my family and friends, and just had a relaxing weekend. Tomorrow I fly to Ireland for a few days so I'll try and get some work done on the plane. There will be no time to work while I'm on the ground there, so I may not get to work on this anymore until next weekend.

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