Friday, December 14, 2007

Is that large woman starting to sing?

Throughout the application process, I have tried to remain optimistic. Maybe because of my auditing background (the virtue of skepticism was indoctrinated into us from Day 1) it hasn't always been easy. But now, I am starting to seriously think that my chances at HBS are just about nil. The HBS Admissions Blog says that they're just about done sending interview invites for R1, with "maybe a handful" left. I have not received one. Likewise I haven't heard from Stanford yet and with the new year rapidly approaching I'm starting to think my chances there are pretty slim. All of this makes me even more nervous about the Chicago decision next week, since it looks to be the only school I have a shot at in R1. I'm still pretty confident about my chances - I re-read my application last night and it made me feel good. But nervous because a ding from Chicago would almost certainly mean complete lack of success in R1, with no other applications in the pipeline, and therefore lack of success for fall 2008 admission.

Speaking to my boss the other day, I mentioned how nervous I was about the upcoming decision and he said he had learned in life to worry about the things you can control, and to let the things you can't control roll off like water down a duck's back. He quickly added it's easier said than done. It is certainly good advice, but I'm having trouble putting the decision out of my mind.

Thank God it's only 5 days until the decision - I'm very glad I won't have to live with the uncertainty through the holidays.

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Ameya said...

Hey Mike,

All the best mate!
Hope you are able to control the tension and impatience!