Saturday, November 10, 2007

Thank God for weekends

It's so nice to finally spend a weekend at home. This is the first weekend since Oct. 20 that I don't have to fly somewhere. Which is good since it'll give me some time to prepare for my interview next week, as well as catch up with family and friends. The latest GSB admissions newsletter had some hints for preparing for the interview, so I've added this to my pack of info I'm reviewing, along with my app, questions from the interview feedback at and clearadmit, the Chicago MBA brochure, and website. I'm feeling pretty good about the interview, but want to spend some more time thinking through how I want to articulate the fit between me and GSB. On the work front, the next few days are going to be very busy as I get things in order to allow me to take off Thurs and Friday and focus 100% on my interview.

It's also good to see family and friends again. With my crazy travel schedule the past month, I really hadn't seen anyone. So last Thursday I went to the Rangers game with a good friend, and today I am visiting my sister and her family. This past month made me realize one of the non-financial costs of going back to school. Regardless of which of the schools I attend, I'll be moving away from family and friends for 2 years. I'm sure they'll visit and I'll come home at some point during the 2 years, but it'll be hard moving away.

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