Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Now I've seen it all

Now I think I've seen it all. I live in the NJ suburbs outside New York City, and so seeing wildlife near my apartment is nothing new. I've seen more deer than you can imagine, also some turkeys (followed shortly thereafter by turkey vultures), racoons, geese, and various assorted rodents. I've even seen a bear once. But last night was certainly something new. As I'm driving home from the train station after work, all of a sudden the traffic comes to a dead stop. I look up ahead and see a few police cars with the lights on, and a car at a strange angle on the side of the road. So I figure it's another accident, probably someone driving too fast on a rainy night. But then I see the police all wandering around the side of the road pointing their flashlights into the trees. Then I see an animal moving around in the shadows. I knew it wasn't a deer, because nobody calls the cops for deer. So my next thought is there's a bear on the loose. But as the animal comes a bit closer to me, I can see that the proportions are not right for a bear, the legs are too skinny. As it walks past my car, I clearly see that it is a large, black cow (actually I think technically it was a bull). I continue to watch in amazement, since while this isn't the first time I've seen a cow, it's the first time I've seen one wandering down the street outside my apartment. To add to the absurdity of it, as the cow, now trotting, goes down the street, it is followed by no less than 3 police cars, with all their lights on, as well as another car which I presume contained the cow's owner. Must have been a slow night for the police.

In book reviews, I'm about halfway through Frank Brown's (Dean of INSEAD) new book. It's a pretty quick read, and has some great advice on what it means to be a leader in today's global environment. I've had the good fortune to meet Frank on several occassions, and, in my opinion, he's a great leader to learn from. (NB: I am not applying to INSEAD, so this is not an attempt to kiss up to the Dean to improve my chances).

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