Wednesday, November 14, 2007

An open letter to Derrick Bolton

Dear Mr. Bolton,

In the future, during periods when applicants are waiting for interview invites from Stanford, please do not send out surveys from the email address "Stanford MBA Admissions." In the fragile emotional state we applicants are in, seeing an email from that email address instantly creates an intense emotional high with the thought that we have received a precious interview invitation from your program, only to be crushed a second later when we see the subject "Survey Request - Stanford MBA Program Information Session." I am more than happy to provide feedback on the session I attended, but could do without the cardiac event that accompanied your email. Judging from the discussions on the BusinessWeek forums this morning, I am not the only one to suffer this reaction.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Warm regards,


Anonymous said...

right on man! i had the EXACT same feeling when i got the survey request. do you know anyone yet who has got a Stanford interview yet?

nice (and funny) post!

- Frazer

B-School Bound said...

Thanks for the heads-up!

Frankie said...

Holy God - same thing happened with LBS. Email subject line said: Next steps for your LBS MBA. Sounds promising right? Nope. Marketing email. Screaming tantrum ensues....

Anonymous said...

I totally agree!! The same thing happened to me and my friend and we were both so excited and then annoyed at the very same instance

Oops said...

i think they do it on purpose, so that half the ppl suffer a stroke, another 30% get paralysed, and they can take the rest to compensate for their hugely imperfect admn system!