Friday, October 19, 2007

Let the great waiting game begin!

Ok, so I am really the least patient person ever to walk the face of the planet. Ever since I got the email notification that my last Stanford recommendation was submitted, I could not concentrate on anything else. Eventually I just gave in and did the essay revisions that I planned to do tomorrow. Long story short, the essays are done and in as good a shape as they will ever be. Application is submitted. That is the last of my planned applications for the year. Funny enough it's not nearly the emotional relief I thought it would be to have them all done. Maybe because I know this is not the end, just the beginning? Maybe because I know that now I'll have to think harder about what to write about in this blog since I can't just give updates on app progress? Either way, now I am going to go home and relax, knowing that tomorrow I'll have to do the work I put off doing today. Good luck to all the other Stanford R1 applicants out there.

2 comments: said...

congrats on finishing! I have a few more weeks, I think, but can't wait to be where you are.

Oops said...

maybe u can pick one more school, say Wharton/Columbia, and work their essays for Round two. That ways you'll be busy, plus you might have a backup - just kidding