Monday, October 15, 2007

2 Down, 1 More to Go

Chicago is officially submitted. Well, actually that should be "submitted*". My supervisor still has not submitted his recommendation. But everything else is in and submitted so now my focus is 100% on Stanford. I am very happy with the Chicago application. Even though I struggled at first with the "put yourself in someone's shoes" essay, I think the application I submitted is as strong as it could be. It's done a lot to bring my confidence back after my bad experience in the BusinessWeek forums. I do have a bit of a concern that I'm getting better at this as I go, which would imply that HBS will be my weakest application. Not good since it's my first choice school. Oh well, c'e la vie. Nothing I can do now but wait and see how it all shakes out, and try not to think about it too much.

Stanford is in pretty good shape, but am going through a last round of review and revision on my essays. Data sheet is complete so it's really just the essays at this point. Well essays and one last recommendation. Plan is to finish it and submit on Saturday before I fly off to China, and to chase down the final recommender this week and make sure he's on the ball. Hopefully the 2 week trip will keep my mind off the waiting game. Unlikely, since I'll have access to email while there, but we'll see.


mbabound said...

I think the waiting is the worst part...its no longer within your control. said...

Congrats on "submitting" Chicago! I took today off from work to get it finished up and I'll probably submit tomorrow. Maybe we'll both be in Hyde Park next year.