Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's done

My supervisor submitted the Chicago recommendation last night so it's 100% complete. I don't know exactly why, but I'm not nearly as nervous about submitting this one as I was for HBS. I was a bit paranoid about hitting Chicago's submit button after my post-submission discovery of 2 typos in my HBS application, but after reviewing the Chicago app like 5 times, I hit the button and am now in a somewhat Zen-like calm state about it.

Now to turn my attention to Stanford. Did a review of my data sheet last night and came across the part-time employment page. The instructions say to include summer employment, internships, etc., so I've gone back and listed the two jobs I had during summer and winter breaks from college. I haven't gone back to the fast food job I had during high school since I don't think that sheds any light on my candidacy for bschool (well, I did rise to the rank of "Assistant Manager", but that just took staying at the place for a few years rather than any demonstrated leadership abilities). How are other Stanford applicants handling this?

Good luck to all the other Chicago R1 applicants out there. Hopefully we'll see each other in Hyde Park at Admit Weekend in February.


B-School Bound said...

Re: PT employment for Stanford

I don't plan on mentioning pre-college work experience in any application, and even if I was, I wouldn't for Stanford. They're clearly obsessed with the present (note the requirement that the optional essays focus on the last three years) so ancient history won't help.

mbabound said...

The second "submit" was easier for me than the first one too.

K said...

for stanford, I'm just putting in relevant internships. none of the grader part-time work I did. Submitting stanford this friday, a bit nervous as it's my first submit.