Thursday, May 7, 2009

Good news from Kellogg

That was the subject of the email from Beth Flye I saw sitting in my inbox. I had just come from a happy hour with other Kellogg admits (which was a lot of fun) and one of the things we talked about was that we thought Kellogg didn't send as many emails to its admitted students as other schools. So when I saw the email from Beth I thought the timing was ironic, and thought it would be some sort of update on something the school had done.

I was wrong, but in a good way. Beth's email was to let me know I had been selected to receive a named scholarship! I was shocked, I didn't think scholarships were still being awarded at this point so it definitely came out of the blue. It's funny how things work out some times. When I was deciding Duke vs. Kellogg, the main driving force for Duke quickly became the half tuition scholarship they had offerred me. Now, between this named scholarship and the merit/need scholarship Kellogg offerred me as part of my financial aid package, the difference between Kellogg and Duke's scholarship offers would be about $4,000 over the two years.


Orlando said...

Congratulations on the scholarship! Glad to hear that your decision is working out well.

paragon2pieces said...

Congratulations! What great news :)

Terri said...

That is awesome! Congratulations!!!