Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's official

During lunch today I went to the post office and put two envelopes in the mail. One was a thin envelope heading to Duke, letting them know I will not be enrolling in their program. The other was a thicker envelope sending my official transcripts and tuition deposit to Kellogg. Hard to believe that my application adventure, which started in July 2007, is now officially done. I am a member of the Kellogg 2Y MBA Class of 2011. I'm excited...only 192 days until KWEST trips start!


Dizzy Vizzy said...


D. G. said...

Awesome, dude. Welcome to the club ;-).

Maxwriter said...

Congrats man! I got to know about your blog a few days back. But, have been tracking your progress since 2007 on admissions411 :)

Soni said...

Speaking of which...the KWEST trips that interest you the most are...?
I'm thinking HK if enroll.

Eric said...

Congrats on Kellogg! My sister went there and she absolutely loved the experience. You will have a fantastic 2 years.

Thanks very much for maintaining this blog, your readers will definitely benefit.

All the best,

Founder, Beat The GMAT