Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm still here

Just a quick post with some updates. As you can see from my sidebar, my applications did not go nearly as well as I had hoped. I've been spending the past few weeks thinking about options, and while there are some interesting opportunities in my firm's consulting practice that I could get into, I don't think I'm quite ready to give up on this year's application cycle. Columbia was my fourth choice and, while it's certainly late in the game, I'm pretty sure I can put together a good application by their deadline. I'll have to give it some thought over the weekend and talk to some people early next week to decide whether to give this year one last shot, or just hold off and try again for the class of 2011.


mbarunnergirl said...

Glad to see a post from you (though I've been pretty remiss myself lately)

From personal experience, I can tell you the reapplication experience is MUCH easier than applying for the first time. Also, Columbia can be tough especially with the current date and rolling admissions process, but it would be cool if we could be classmates in the fall! My two cents is to wait a year if you can handle it. Let me know if you want to talk some about it.

Anonymous said...

Thx for ur wishes mate
I see ur back now and a good decision to wrest back things into ur own control - i'd go ahead with columbia definitely, forget whatever 'rolling date' downsides are, my own jan 9th app went complete abt a week back, and i tracked ppl who submitted in early feb have started going complete - so u wont be much behind the curve than anyone who submitted early jan


Terri said...

Go for it! Woo Columbia!

Anonymous said...

hey mike, so hv u submitted ur cbs app now?